Cashless Information

From 1st March St John's will operate an almost completely cashless system.

From this date all large amounts of payments for expenditure such as visits,Eagles bookings and meals will only be accepted using one of the following methods.

1. Debit or Credit Card payments via the online Agora system. If you do not have an account a password and login details has been sent home with a copy of this information and you should of received one.  If not please contact us. Further details of how to setup a new account can be found on our website here....

2. Cash payments can be made at the Post Office or PayPoint outlets using the barcodes that have been sent home with your child. The barcodes can be used as many times as you need, so it is important to keep the barcodes safe (sepreate ones are required for dinner money or Eagles transactions)

PLease note that cash for small cost items like book bags, break sales and water bottles will still be accepted.

This move to a cashless system has many benefits and brings our academy in line with up to date business methods of payments. Parents will also hopefully appreciate being able to easily keep more detailed accounts of their payments.

It is very important that academies have efficient and accurate records of receiving payments and we believe that this move will help us achieve this goal.

Mr Ayres