Online payments

Our school has a history of providing parents with an online facility to pay for school related items such as educational visits and dinner money through SIMS pay.

Online payments are more convenient and provide customers with a detailed record of their transactions while also reducing the chances of money being lost or stolen. It allows payments to be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, safe in the knowledge that SIMS pay is secure and employs the highest level of card security.

How to create your SIMS Pay account (First Time Use)

1. To access SIMS Pay, you will need one of the following accounts: Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook, Twitter or SIMS ID

2. You will also need your child's unique activation reference number, this can be requested by contacting the school either by calling 01922 476695 or emailing

3. Please login to SIMS Pay using this link or web url

4. Click on the register account option and enter in the activation reference you should of received from the school via email.

5. Enter your child’s date of birth and follow the on screen instructions to complete the registration process. (Further help can be found in the setup guide below)