parent partnerships


St John’s Primary Academy and parents both want the same thing..

A happy child that is learning and moving forward.

Our school fully recognises the extremely important role that parents play in their child’s education and as such always aim to establish and maintain a positive relationship with them. We believe that by working together in partnership the best education for our pupils can be achieved. 

To support this partnership we aim to ensure that staff are approachable and can easily be contacted. If ever an issue arises we encourage parents to get in touch at the earliest opportunity and find out the school’s perspective. In our experience most problems can be solved and it remains extremely rare for parents to seek an alternative school for their child.   

We know that St. John’s is a popular school and that parents have often carefully selected us as a suitable place to educate their child. Once your child is with us you have a great opportunity to influence your child in a positive way. Realistically it may be that at some time during their school career your child may encounter something which will cause them concern. At these times it will significantly help if parents encourage children to understand that the school is principally working in their best interests.  It is of course far better to stress the good that is going on than respond with indignation. When a child knows that a parent will accept unconditionally their version of events it is extremely difficult for our school to restore a balanced view. A parent who contacts the school very frequently with negative views about the school is not helping their child understand that on occasions not everything can be perfect. 

Of course where issues do arise that the school needs to know about and address it is far easier to achieve a successful outcome if the concern has been raised by a parent with a fair view point. St. John’s will always be totally committed to support pupils and resolve parents’ concerns where they have been presented in a fair manner. 

There are several ways that parents can become involved with the school. One option is to join the thriving Parents’ Association which meets briefly each month to discuss ways of raising money for the school. The Association always welcomes new members and  

On occasion there may also be an opportunity to put yourself forward for election to the Governing Body. Terms of office last for four years and involves attending on average 2 meetings per term. There is no doubt that our school has benefited hugely from committed, knowledgeable and talented parents who have supported the schools either as a Governor or member of the Parents’ Association.  

School Leadership Team 

Sam Price | Headteacher

 Alex James-Walker | Family Link Worker