Wilderness Adventures

59 Year 6 pupils took up the opportunity to discover more about the great outdoors by attending the first ever trip to the 'Wilderness Academy'
The journey started on Wednesday morning travelling by coach to the Wilderness and spent three days and two nights in this unique experience.

During their stay all the children took part in various activities throughout the days and evenings such as; animal tracking, fire lighting, shelter building, 4.2 mile hike, night walks plus much more. This all obviously was after the children put up their own tents!

It's the first time St John's has visited the 'Wilderness Academy' and all the children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Once again the pupils were a credit to the school and embraced the opportunity and conducted themselves admirably.

This was so much more than 3 days, 2 nights away with friends... This was a complete game changer for our child. It’s filled him with just the right amount of self belief to take him confidently through Year 6 and the journey that awaits him
— Year 6 Parent