#riddlemethis Stimulus Shock #3

This morning the pupils experienced the third stimulus shock which started at 9am with a video that was meant to be seen by a partner school in the USA of Mr Ayres introducing St John's.

BUT this video was taken over by the Riddler!  (video below)

The Riddler went on to give our students a clue into finding the riddle that needed to be solved.. This triggered scenes of panic in the classroom where the children needed to find it.  Little did they know that the riddle was under their desks!
Once this was found the next stage was to solve the riddle which would lead them to watch the second video clip which was live (not really) from a secret location. The Riddler threatened to cut off all the power in Essington resulting in no more Xbox and iPhone usage..........

The videos are intended to spark discussions on what's happening which leads into various teacher led literacy tasks which the students can really engage with.

Later on the children attended an assembly where Mr Fleet explained about the mornings events and fully explained it wasn't real, but just the latest Stimulus Shock. 

The short clips have been added below to give you a sense of what the children participated in this morning and hopefully you'll hear more about it this evening. 

Introductory Video

The Riddler