World Book Day 2017

For World Book Day 2017 there were a number of activities going on throughout the school day promoting and providing lots of opportunities to either read or be involved with appreciating books.

Before we broke up for half term the whole school took part in a singing session, choosing a song to sing based from or linked to a book.  The video below shows highlights of each year group being part of this and all years really enjoyed having a good old sing.

Also we reintroduced the popular book swap where pupils were asked to bring in a book to swap with their classmates. Each class had the opportunity to choose a book to take home with them.

During the school day there was also the school bell which indicated that every child and member of staff must stop what they were doing and pick up a book to read for 10 minutes, which was observed perfectly!

Also released on World Book Day was our 'We read too! can you guess who?' video where students, staff and parents could enjoy a bit of fun in trying to guess who the member of staff was hiding behind a cover of a book. 

Thank you to everyone involved in making World Book Day at St John's so enjoyable!