Breakfast with the Head

This term we are trialing a new way of providing some of our older pupils with an opportunity to have their voice heard. Our new informal school council was introduced as “breakfast with the Head” and had a very encouraging start. Roughly based on business style breakfast meetings the pupils were provided with a range of food and fruit juice while being able to discuss what they felt was good about our academy and also ways that they suggested to improve it.

Twelve representatives were selected from Year 5 and 6 by their class teachers and all made very useful contributions. The plan is to hold these meetings every fortnight and rotate the membership so that more pupils have a chance to speak. If future meetings are anywhere near as good as the first one then they should be a great success.

We are of course committed to the British Value of democracy and hopefully the pupils will respond in a positive way to this initiative. I am sure those involved today thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and we hope it has helped their own personal development.

We will keep you informed of how we progress with some of their suggestions.