The 5HH team were set a challenge. The marble needed to start at the top of the table and reach the floor. It had to take over 1 minute to get to the end. Before starting the challenge, the class discussed their initial thoughts on the task and how they were currently feeling.  

Within a team, the children began to think of strategies to solve the problem. They gathered equipment and set off on the task.

Half way through the challenge, they stopped to discuss their different techniques and strategies. Some groups had looked at the length of their track and explained to the class that they had discovered the longer their track was, the longer it took the marble to reach the floor. Other groups elaborated on the idea that the shape of the track can affect the time as moving round in a spiral shape would take longer than going straight. The groups also discussed the ideas of angles and stages to further increase the time. At the halfway point, the majority of groups had not reached the one minute time point given. The pupils recorded their thoughts and feelings showing they were determined to continue. The teams had time to consider adaptations to their approach and continue the challenge.

Once the time was up, the teams came back together to test out their different strategies. They spoke at length about their initial thoughts and feelings compared to the middle and end stages. Many felt excited at the start to have a go and were confident, whereas others were nervous and a bit worried that they would not be able to succeed. At the mid stage, many felt frustrated that they had not yet managed to complete the challenge but after stopping and discussing were ready to persevere. Now the challenge was completed, they began to address their thoughts and feelings. They expanded on the idea that they felt successful because they had worked as a team and were resilient as they had never given up. If one idea did not work the first time they adapted it and tried again. The final quote of the day, the children gave, was that the key to success is to show determination and work through the challenges because if you have tried your best you have succeeded.