The Pyramid Cups Growth Mindset Challenge 

3DB were set a challenge of stacking 10 cups to make a pyramid in groups.  Easy, I hear you say but wait... the children could not use their hands! 

The children needed to move the cups from one formation to another using only the elastic and string - at no time can their hands (or any body parts, for that matter) touch the cups.  Mr Barber gave no hints or instruction about how to move the cups – the groups needed to figure out what strategies work for them as part of their team-building. 

If the stack fell while they are making it, they had to work together to get it standing again.  All of this happened without any teacher instruction or input, outside of showing them what the final stack should look like, they had to figure out how to move the cups using only string and elastics. 

We talked about challenges - sometimes the stack fell, just like we sometimes encounter problems, but by working together, we can build it back up again.  

Through resilience, perseverance, creativity, co-operation and independent thinking, the children all tackled the challenge with the special tool that they made which enabled them to successfully build the cup stack. Well done 3DB!