This afternoon, 5TJ were challenged by Mrs Jones to use a straw to create something useful or entertaining or visual !!! There was a lot of discussion about it.

Firstly the children had to work completely on their own with no discussion. Then they were allowed to discuss ideas and have another  go at making something!! Some felt that they had failed and were not content with their models!

Then someone suggested that we combine our efforts and our straws to make something collaboratively! This would enable a greater variety and more potential!.

They were given 8 straws each and they used them to create a number of ‘things!’

They added colour and  were allowed to use negotiated’ materials including scissors, cello tape and glue.

This kind of task lent itself really well to fostering a growth mind set : many of the children began the challenge nervously, some even suspiciously, assuming they were doomed to failure. By the end, they realised that perseverance, determination and resilience was the key to success! As was the idea of WORKING TOGETHER and combining our skills. We all have different strengths and can support each other ( practically and emotionally)