Year 1 | 1JC and 1ME

This afternoon, Year 1 were challenged by Mrs Cotterill and Miss Elwell to “make a paper chain as long as you can” using only one piece of A3 paper, scissors and sellotape!

The children quickly set about their task in small groups. There were lots of different approaches: some cut the paper into long strips using the longer length of the paper, some cut their paper into short strips. Some children worked out quickly that if they cut thinner strips they could make more of them.

Some groups organised themselves very effectively before even beginning the challenge. One group had three members; one was responsible for cutting the strips of paper, one looped the strips on to the chain and the third sorted the sellotape!

After 15 minutes, we compared the length of all the paper chains. Straight away some children spotted what they could have done to make their method more effective and they were very keen to have another go.

This afternoon the children demonstrated that if you have a positive attitude, keep on trying, don’t give up and work well together as a team – anything is possible!